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Get 3 Different Guarantees

No Money Upfront

Resort Service Guarantee

* We stand behind the success of our services & guarantee your resort service for life. Regardless of how much time has passed we will fight on your behalf should the resort company ever try to convince you that you are now responsible for a bill or fee related to the original timeshare.

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Best Price Guarantee

* We are confident in our service pricing. We're so confident that if an owner receives a quote that is lowest in price, from a major competitor, & is for a similar service, then we will beat it. We will provide a better price with a difference minimum of $500, but up to a $1,000 in contrast.

Money Upfront Paid Prior

Money Back Guarantee

* For those owners who do choose to opt for the Pre-Pay plan we offer this classic guarantee. If we fail to meet the terms & conditions we agreed upon with our client, including the timeline, then the owner can request a full refund of their total payment at any time during or after the process.

Get 3 Proofs of Service Verification

No Money Upfront

In-House Verification

* Receive confirmation from us, here at Clarity Transfers, that describes services being rendered for ending your timeshare.

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Resort Confirmation Verification

* Receive confirmation from the resort company that describes your timeshare ownership obligations being severed between you & them.

Money Upfront Paid Prior

New Ownership Document Verification

* Receive a copy of either the newly recorded timeshare deed, new ownership contract, or similar document, reflecting the change in ownership.

Pick 1 of 3 Secure Ways To Pay

No Money Upfront


* Total Payment Held by Escrow[.]com as neutral third party & largest escrow company in the U.S.
Requires Clarity Transfers to Meet The Terms of Service & The Owner to Confirm We Have Delivered Services.
Keeps All Parties Involved Accountable & Is The Most Secure Method Available.
( Utilized with either the After-Pay or Split-Pay Plans. )

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Promissory Note

* Alternative Option to Escrow - A Legally Binding Document of Owner's Promise of Intent to Pay Once Services Have Been Rendered.
Requires All Owners to Sign the Document in Front of a Notary Public Using Live Ink.
Does Have a Surcharge Cost Added to Total for Waiving Escrow, &  Is Due at The End Once Services Are Delivered.
( Utilized with either the After-Pay or Split-Pay Plans. )

Money Upfront Paid Prior

Direct Pay & Financing

* Safe & Secure: Your Payment Information Is Always Protected - We Never Handle Your Payment Method & Will Never Ask You For It.
Square & Stripe Features - Charge Back Protection, Month-To-Month or Installments, Multiple Forms of Payment E.G. Credit, Apple Pay. etc.
For Additional Security - We Do Not Accept Payment via Cash or Check - Only Electronically By Credit / Debit/ Venmo, Cashapp, etc. / ACH
( Utilized with either the Pre-Pay or Split-Pay Plans. )

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Be Protected While Being Confident

Proudly Presenting

"An Industry First Option; The NOTE, By Clarity Transfers, Is An Alternative Option To Escrow For Clients Who May Not Have The Total Payment For An Escrow Account Initially, But Will Have That Total Payment At The Time Services Have Been Rendered."
“This company does amazing work-thankful they helped me”
This company does amazing work, all were very helpful and resourceful! So thankful they were able to help me out! Hands down would recommend them to anyone in need of help! More specifically, ask for Tommy! He really does a spectacular job!
A man named Charles H.

Kellie W.

“Fantastic company, very professional!”
Fantastic company, very professional! They offer wonderful rates for timeshare exit, speedy transfer services, and provide a five-star customer service experience.
A man named Jonathan S, with a little boy

Jonathan S.

“Best timeshare exit company, hands down.”
Best company I’ve dealt with hands down. The gentleman walked me thru the whole process and even went into detail with me. This firm does not give you the runaround. He explained the different options and the cost for each option. Strongly recommend Clarity Transfers to anyone needing to get rid of a timeshare or club membership. 5 star company
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Fred G.

“Thankful for this company!”
Thankful for this company!! If it wasn’t for them I would still be stuck with my timeshare… I was with Wyndham and didn’t think or know how I could get out. Had it for about 4 years. Thanks to Tommy, I was able to get out of it in less than 2 days. It was actually a big sigh of relief. If anyone is trying to get out of a timeshare, you want to come to these guys… and ask for Tommy. He knows what he is doing!!!
Letters B and R for initials of Brendan R.

Brendan R.

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