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We don't get paid until you're 100% out.

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Our Story

Our company was founded by those who come from the timeshare exit industry, and witnessed the issues within it that could be done better. They realized that the services being sold differed from what they were told, and believed. You probably feel the same way. That is precisely why they decided to start helping timeshare owners like you regain their freedom through the right approach. They left their former positions, and created a new company that offered what no one else in the industry was;
no-risk options, honesty, and affordability. They saw all the wrong ways that timeshare exit was being done, and created a business model doing it the right way, for a change. It's been 100% success since then, and continues to be with every new client signed on.

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Free Consultation

We provide the industry secrets and knowledge every timeshare owners deserves to know through a free video consultation that you can easily attend from your cell phone, computer, or tablet. Prefer over the phone? Not a problem.

Transfer of Deed

If you're ready to exit your timeshare while ending your ownership, Clarity Transfers has multiple plans that allow you to transfer the timeshare directly without the need to find a "buyer" or go to the resort. We will take care of the timeshare, and you walk away, free.

Exit Complete

We will present you with the newly recorded deed as proof that you are no longer the timeshare owner. No deed? No problem. We will show you how to confirm you completed exit with the resort, and provide you with multiple forms of verification.

“This company does amazing work-thankful they helped me”
This company does amazing work, all were very helpful and resourceful! So thankful they were able to help me out! Hands down would recommend them to anyone in need of help! More specifically, ask for Tommy! He really does a spectacular job!

Kellie W.

“Fantastic company, very professional!”
Fantastic company, very professional! They offer wonderful rates for timeshare exit, speedy transfer services, and provide a five-star customer service experience.

Jonathan S.

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asked questions.

To ensure you have a great experience, read the answers to some of our most asked questions! 

How Long Has Clarity Transfers Been In Business?
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We are still somewhat considered a start-up in many respects. We founded the company in November 2022, and officially launched as a business one month later. We have certainly learned a lot and we believe have taken those lessons to heart which has helped us shape our business into the best version of itself. Since our launch, we've helped many, many timeshare owners, and have maintained a 100% success rate in doing so. All of the team members at Clarity have had previous experience within the industry, ranging from 2 years all the way up to 10 years. Some of us have even been victims of the timeshare industry personally, while others have had family members who have been victimized by it themselves. We wanted to be the change the industry has been long overdue for, and it is our hope that as those changes become more and more known, other companies both new, and old, will follow our lead.

What's The Difference Between After-Pay, Split-Pay, & Pre-Pay?
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We're glad you asked! After-Pay is our more popular transfer plan in which there is no money upfront paid for the transfer service, and we don't receive any payment until the client is officially out of the timeshare. The Split-Pay is our half & half plan where the client will pay 50% upfront, and the remaining 50% isn't paid until the end, after the transfer has been delivered. The Pre-Pay plan is pretty straightforward; this is where the client opts to pay for the transfer service upfront at the beginning of the process.

If You Don't Sell My Timeshare Then How Do You Get Rid Of It?
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We hear this question often! Correct, we do not sell, buy, trade, or even attempt to give away your timeshare because the secondary resale market for timeshares is practically non-existent. We also do not go to your resort in an attempt to negotiate a deed-back. Instead, for paid off timeshares, we partner with a select number of companies that have a corporate interest in certain timeshares that they allow us to transfer to them provided we pay their cost. This is why we have an eligibility list, and it's also why we do not accept anything outside of that list. For mortgaged timeshares still being paid on, we use our cancellation services that is led by our legal partners made up of multiple attorneys and legal professionals. Instead of foreclosures, or sending legal letters to negotiate a settlement, our attorney partners take a systematic approach with a consumer rights strategy to successfully negotiate your timeshare mortgage release. With our partnerships we have established successful transfer routes that are always in place, and an expert legal team with high yielding contract releases through proper negotiation. These are the reasons why we are able to maintain our 100% success rate.

Do You Charge Money Upfront?
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Great question! No, under our After-Pay plan we do not receive any payment until after the transfer service is delivered and the client is successfully out of their timeshare. We do utilize escrow under this plan with Escrow(.)com in order to keep both parties involved accountable, but the client has the final say when or if that payment is dispersed to us, or to themselves if they are not satisfied.

How Do I Know If You Can Help Me?
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We can help any timeshare owner when it comes down to it. Our primary services are in timeshare transfers, and resort cancellations, which we use for both paid off timeshare owners, as well as mortgaged timeshare owners still making payments. We're able to successfully end either type of ownership for the majority of resorts, and our eligible resorts can be found on our acceptance list online. The list currently has around 1200 resorts that we accept for transfer, and cancellation services. If we cannot provide you our transfer or cancellation services, we can still get you connected with the right service you may be looking for. We'll even help owners with listing their timeshare at zero cost, as opposed to those owners taking a chance by paying some company who claims they can sell it.

What Makes Clarity Transfers Different?
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Zero-Risk! To our knowledge, we are one of the ONLY timeshare resolution company that offers a direct transfer option to end your timeshare with NO MONEY upfront, no down payment, and no cost until we have successfully transferred the timeshare. We also operate a lot differently compared to the bigger companies out there. We have some of the most competitive pricing due to low overhead cost, and also because of our price-beating guarantee. That's our guarantee that should an owner find a better price with a major competitor then we will offer a similar service for a lower price. We may have some of the fastest completion times for transfer as well; at 180 days or less to finalize a transfer on average, and our legal cancellations on average being only 4-12 months in total.

Are Your Services Guaranteed?
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YES. We have multiple guarantees. Our transfers are guaranteed for life upon completion, meaning we promise that once you are out of your timeshare and no longer responsible, we guarantee it will remain that way for life or your money back. Speaking of money, we have a money-back guarantee as well, for those client who choose one of our other transfer plans such as the Pre-Pay plan. That guarantee states that if we fail to deliver during the agreed upon time frame and on the agreed upon terms, the client is entitled to a full 100% refund of their payment. Lastly, we have our Price-beating guarantee which states that should a client find a better price for a similar service from one of our major competitors, we will offer a better price for the same service. You can read more on the terms and conditions of the price-beating guarantee by clicking on the terms located at the footer on our website.

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