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Our Story

Our company was founded by those who come from the timeshare exit industry, and witnessed the issues within it that could be done better. They realized that the services being sold differed from what they were told, and believed. You probably feel the same way. That is precisely why they decided to start helping timeshare owners like you regain their freedom through the right approach. They left their former positions, and created a new company that offered what no one else in the industry was; choice, honesty, and affordability. They saw all the wrong ways that timeshare exit was being done, and created a business model doing it the right way, for a change. It's been 100% success since then.

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Free Consultation

We provide the industry secrets and knowledge every timeshare owners deserves to know through a free video consultation that you can easily attend from your cell phone, computer, or tablet. Prefer over the phone? Not a problem.

Transfer of Deed

If you're ready to exit your timeshare while ending your ownership, Clarity Transfers has multiple options that allow you to transfer the timeshare directly into our name, the resorts, or a partnered vendors, while you are off the hook. We will take care of the timeshare, and you walk away, free.

Exit Complete

We will show you how to access the public records your timeshare deed was recorded in as proof that you are no longer the owner. No deed? No problem. We will show you how to confirm you completed exit with the resort.

“Absolutely remarkable group of people to work with”
After working directly with the founders and management team of Clarity Transfers, I can confidently say that they are a pleasure to work with. Not only are they dedicated to their customers, they are dedicated to their staff.

Charles H.

“Fantastic company, very professional!”
Fantastic company, very professional! They offer wonderful rates for timeshare exit, speedy transfer services, and provide a five-star customer service experience.

Jonathan S.

asked questions.

To ensure you have a great experience, read the answers to some of our most asked questions! 

What's The Difference Between The Elite, Pro, & Standard Transfers?
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We're glad you asked because there definitely is a difference between all three! Besides the associated time-frame attributed to each one (Elite: 90 Days or Less, Pro: 180 Days or Less, Standard: 12 Months or Less) the process for completing the timeshare transfer on the backed is different as well. The Elite boasts such a fast time on it's own because it is a direct transfer out of your name, and into either our company's LLC, or into a partnered B2B vendor, depending on your resort. Because it is a direct transfer it's like skipping the line of a roller coaster and avoiding the long wait to ride it. The Pro has an impressive completion time as well, and is the most popular, because it's fast yet affordable. For the Pro, we use either your resort or one of our vendor partners for facilitating the actual transfer. We also have a contractual obligation to never exceed 180 days during the process. The Standard is our cost effective option, but is still on par time-frame wise, with every other transfer service out there which our competitors offer. It uses the same back end process as the Pro but with a wider time-frame for completion allowed, and less company resources. The Standard contractually obligates us to take no longer than 12 months. We hope this helps explain the differences with our multiple transfer options a little more clearly! If not, don't hesitate! Reach out to us now for a free consultation.

What Do You Mean By Multiple Transfer Options?
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Great question! The timeshare "exit" industry has long been uniform in their services, with nearly every company in the space offering: one standard "exiting" service, one long expected wait time of 12 to 18+ months, and almost all of them requiring an upfront, extremely marked up service cost to have it done. We wanted to change that, and shake up the status quo of the industry by offering something else no one currently does: CHOICE. We created THREE choices to transfer (or "exit") your timeshare, and all of them are based around a specific timeframe attributed to each one. The three transfer services we offer are as follows: The Elite - average transfer completion time of 1-6 weeks. The Pro - average transfer completion time of 90 days. The Standard - average transfer completion time of 180+ days. Our clients choose the options, and the associated timeframe, that is best suited for their needs, not ours. We like it this way. Don't be afraid to reach out today if you have more questions not answered here!

If You Don't Sell My Timeshare Then How Do You Get Rid Of It?
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We hear this question often! We get it, too! Correct, we do not sell, or even attempt to give away your timeshare because the secondary resale market for timeshares is practically a ghost; meaning it is rarely seen as a successful option. Timeshares sold or listed as free online sit there for years, and years, with most never even being considered. Instead of selling, we transfer your timeshare through one of our three possible options, depending on the resort, and the transfer service chosen. All transfers are done through either our company itself, your resort themselves, or if more practical in time + success overall, through one of our partnered B2B vendors that is accepting transfers from your resort, and only after any related costs are covered on our end. We hope that helps clear up your questions and concerns! If not, just reach out to us for further elaboration.

Do You Charge Money Upfront?
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Great question! The short answer is, no. At our company, we offer a variety of pricing options to fit your specific needs. We have options that don't require any payment at all until the end once your transfer is completed, and services have been rendered. Other options are available as well with different choices in payment. We understand that every project and budget is unique, so we strive to provide flexible solutions for our clients. Feel free to contact us to discuss which pricing option would work best for you.

How Do I Know If You Can Help Me?
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Here at Clarity Transfers, we use a unique method to determine which clients we can help directly and which clients we can try to help indirectly. We have a list of 1100 different timeshares we will accept. You can access this list on our site right now if you wish or you can always call our office, where a staff member will be more than happy to assist you! If your timeshare isn't on our acceptance list, we can still refer you to someone who can help with your specific ownership. At this time we are not currently working with timeshares that have an active loan or mortgage against them.

What Makes Clarity Transfers Different?
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To our knowledge, we are the ONLY timeshare resolution company that offers a direct transfer option to take over your ownership upfront, with no money down, and then worry about removing the timeshare AFTER you are entirely free of it. We are also the only company currently that offers THREE different transfer options to choose from, and one of the few that offers a legitimate no cost upfront feature. That shows how much we believe in our services versus the other companies that claim they can do the same.

Are Your Services Guaranteed?
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YES. Due to the nature of how we offer our services, which is only working with timeshares on our acceptance list, we guarantee all of our transfer options, and have maintained a 100% success rate. When we say "Guarantee" we mean that we ensure that by the end of your transfer process the timeshare will no longer be in your name, and all financial responsibilities will have transferred with the ownership. This guarantee is ever-lasting. If at any point you find our transfer services did not meet these standards stated, then you would be entitled for a full refund.

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